What bothers me more than anything is the continuous insinuations by these geniuses that “Christian = anti-gay.” There are many strains of Christianity, as there are Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, and many other faiths.
There are many Christians who recognize that the context in which scripture was written negates many of its passages (as well as the fact that it was written by biased, imperfect human beings). There are also Christians who recognize that it’s probably a good idea to take the Bible’s underlying themes of love, justice, and liberation over isolated passages–and these themes conflict with any anti-gay position “Christians” such as this obviously brilliant McD’s exec take.
Oh, and apparently the days of “the customer is always right” are gone. Forget the fact that billions of dollars are spent by LGBT individuals at McDonald’s–what one McD’s exec thinks is what they should base their advertisements on.
Give me a break!