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!! OMG, All I Ever Wanted: Vacation !!

Bmad haters rejoice, cause I’m off for a week’s vacation! (During which time I’ll be lying by the pool doing my other work. 🙁 )
In my absence, I urge you to watch this video and muse over the baffling fact that Dutchess Stacy “Fergalicious” Ferguson went on to be the most famous Kids Incorporated alum while the fabulously talented and charismatic Martika had just one amazing hit before fading into obscurity. Sometimes there’s no justice!
Okay, have fun– I’m off. (Never fear: Frank will be updating all next week!)

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    The boy in the vest is seriously working the Jane Wiedlin.

    Most famous alum?? Are you missing Mario Lopez on drums?! Ok, well maybe not most FAMOUS, but definately the hottest.

    … there’s always Mario Lopez as the drummer..

    Martika also had a hit with “Love Thy Will be Done”

    Who could hate you, Bmad!?

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