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» OMG, more nude male celebs!

!! OMG, Creepy: The Cock Lock !!

Is your man-friend the type who just can’t keep it in his pants? Are you concerned that he might be throwing all-night orgies when you’re out of town on an innocent vacation? Now there’s a perfectly sensible way to quell your fears: just lock his penis in a plastic contraption so he can’t do anything with it except pee! Courtesy of the ever-creative Japanese, this special cock lock will make sure you always know exactly where that special penis is!
(Very NSFW picture of the device in action ofter the jump! Via QueerClick, thanks to de Cosmos for the tip!)


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    This contraption is most likely not used by the partners of unfaithful males. There is a whole fetish scene that focuses on chastity play.

    Um, ouch when you wake up with your morning boner…??

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