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!! OMG, deleted nakedness: David Kross in ‘The Reader’ !!

Now that The Reader is out on DVD, we finally get to see some nude footage of young German actor David Kross that was left on the cutting room floor.
See the NSFW caps and videos, along with bonus caps and video from the movie that we didn’t include when we blogged this before, all after the jump!

Click images to enlarge.
Download video clips: deleted scene | first nude scene | second nude scene
Stills from the deleted scene:
Stills from the rest of the movie:
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    Love his hairy cock! Very sexy

    really i want to drill david kross’ass.i want to lick his fleshy ass and smell his fart

    in the scene where he get into the bathtub we can see his beautiful ass.his balls are also visible.he is a really a beautiful German boy.i want to lick his and play with his dick

    David Kross has the best ass and dick.His soft ass is very provocative.I want to lick and smell it.He seems to fart.

    Damn shannon you’re bitter. What kind of an ass do you want? Vida Guerra? His ass is fine, it’s not huge but it’s not flat.

    Hah. The movie was set in the 1940s and you still want him to “trim that bush”. Fuckin’ hell. Some people…

    Agreed, JoeLa. This David Kross is pretty delicious in my book – too bad these twats would rather hate than appreciate.

    Some of these comments are probably a sign as to why we all have such deep seated image issues.

    Why would you want to see a guy who has a flat PALE ass and wide hips like a woman?

    he needs to trim that bush

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