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!! OMG gossip: Lil Kim spoons up some goodness !!


See if you can guess what Lil Kim is doing in this photo [starpulse]

Praise the heavens, Brad Pitt is smooth-faced again [dlisted]

The YMCA will soon be officially named "The Y" [towleroad]

Kylie Minogue does Out [pitnb]

Kate Winslet and Sam Mendes are back together trying to make it work [popeater]

Joan Rivers disses Lindsay Lohan on Twitter then gets Tweet-slapped by Sam Ronson [popbytes]

OMG Sylvester Stallone's arm is super, super scary [tabloid prodigy]

Despite his best efforts, Prince's new album is available on the Internet [socialite life]

Dita Von Teese pours Perrier on her boobs in new commercial for... yes, Perrier. [l.a. rag mag]

5 Things gay soldiers might love about same-sex showers [queerty]

Carrie Underwood is leaving for her honeymoon with HOT husband Mike Fisher [celeb smack]

Roman Polanski has eluded prison, again [evil beet]

Surprise! The cat does NOT want to be friends with the baby turtle [cityrag]

Cute tattooed Brazilian boy model jumping. In his underwear. That is all. [oh la la]

OMG Diesel's gayest underwear yet [kenneth]

OMG gossip: Cristiano Ronaldo drowns his sorrows in the pool
OMG gossip: Baby for Beyonce?
OMG gossip: Zac Efron is back doing what he does best
OMG gossip: Mark Wahlberg lets himself go
OMG gossip: Jessica Simpson's new beau

» posted by Frank on Monday, July 12, 2010
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I'm going to have to guess she'ssss...
Applying another coat of foundation?

wait crap no that's not enough nutella to do her face and her boobs... crap.

» posted by Jimmy Fury | July 13, 2010 1:50 AM

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