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!! OMG, He Got Naked: Zack Rosen !!

We recently reported that The New Gay’s Zack Rosen was selling the promise of his nude boner in exchange for votes for a scholarship to Netroots Nation. Well, he won the scholarship and has proven good on his word. Wanna see the peen? It’s after the jump! VNSFW!
[Via Fleshbot, link also NSFW!]

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    “Average”, Shannon? Really? That’s an average dick to you? You should post your comments twice, because your ass probably has an echo.

    Wow nice one! But I agree, he should not smile. He should play with the bad boy role. Bad boys have sinister smiles.

    He was cute until he smiled. Ick.

    I like the bong in the bottom of the bookshelf.
    Tattoos and weed? MARRY ME.

    Um…hey could keep that average looking dick to himself! You guys are desperate..

    I voted for him… what a nice fucking cock i simply adore it

    and a nice boner it is, would love to ride that pole

    nice dick, dude. like it without the c-ring. glad you won. congrats.

    Delicious 8)

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