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!! OMG, he’s naked: Ben Barnes !!

Young actor Ben Barnes (you might know him as Prince Caspian from the second Chronicles of Narnia movie) sheds his clothes for Dorian Gray, which will be released on DVD this August.
I haven’t seen it, but apparently there is also a gay love scene, but alas with no nudity.
After the jump see the NSFW screen caps of Ben getting down with a very modest lady.

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    This was in Australian cinemas a while ago and has been on DVD here for ages. It is a great film, different from the fabulous novel but still worth a look!

    Huge fan of Wilde… The novel is perfect… Amazingly sexy… Films dont compare…

    This movie was all kinds of hotness. There is a gay scene when Dorian pushes Basil down on him…they don’t show the details, though, but it’s still good.

    when there is skin, it is nudity and i, for one, am grateful for the chance to enjoy this hottie’s nakedness. and, damn!, what a smile!

    This “nudity” shouldn’t count lol… it’s not nudity i.m.o. unless it’s full frontal. lol

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