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!! OMG, He’s Naked: Diego Maradona !!

The World Cup may finally be over (thank God!) but hot soccer players are forever. And while Argentine soccer player Diego Maradona– now fifty-ish and the manager of the Argentine national team– may not be as hot as he once was, we’ve got a vintage naked picture of him in his prime after the jump. Dios mio!
NSFW, via My Own Private Locker Room]


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    PLEASE!!!! You could have saved our time and saved this TINY….invisible dick here!! YUCK!!

    WHAT IS UP with the guys on here so upset about discovering that not all dicks are huge? I think Diego is HOT. It’s not all about the size of the dick, boys.

    Diego is a delicious man and shannonj is a supreme twat. when is the last time you got laid, hater?

    il cazzo di pelè è super ma quello di maradona bisogna vederlo in erezione

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