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!! OMG, He’s Naked: Diego Maradona !!

The World Cup may finally be over (thank God!) but hot soccer players are forever. And while Argentine soccer player Diego Maradona– now fifty-ish and the manager of the Argentine national team– may not be as hot as he once was, we’ve got a vintage naked picture of him in his prime after the jump. Dios mio!
NSFW, via My Own Private Locker Room]


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    il cazzo di pelè è super ma quello di maradona bisogna vederlo in erezione

    Diego is a delicious man and shannonj is a supreme twat. when is the last time you got laid, hater?

    WHAT IS UP with the guys on here so upset about discovering that not all dicks are huge? I think Diego is HOT. It’s not all about the size of the dick, boys.

    PLEASE!!!! You could have saved our time and saved this TINY….invisible dick here!! YUCK!!

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