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!! OMG, She’s a Musician: Margaret Cho !!

Wait, what? Margaret Cho has (temporarily?) turned in her comedian hat (it never seemed to fit her that well in the first place!) and exchanged it for the golden microphone of a chanteuse! Her new album, Cho Dependent, is out August 24th and features lez-icon collaborators such as Tegan and Sarah and Ani DiFranco. Yes, that Ani DiFranco is apparently still alive.
Cho tells New York Magazine a bit about her new career and shares some of her favorite songs of all time in this (sort of) revealing interview. Surprise, she likes Prince.
No word, however, on whether the new album includes any songs in her trademark fake-Korean mom accent, but fingers crossed! You can stream her new song, Eat Shit and Die, at her website.

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