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!! OMG, Who’s That Lady? !!

Hint: That hairdo is nothing a semester at Smith won’t cure…
The shocking reveal is after the jump. Via WOW Report!


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    I dont know who she is either, but she looks like Britney from Glee! ^_^

    You think THAT is something…She was in 8th grade when I was in the 6th. She worked a BLOND MULLETT!

    I was sure she was actually a he. I knew someone who lived as a girl in high school. No one knew, he was very very pretty. Eventually he decided he liked being a man just fine, a gay man, and dressed like any other guy. I lost track of him years ago. I hope he’s well. I would never guess Rachel M.

    who says you cant be gorgeous smart and totally cool!!

    She is a news anchor and political commentator. She is also the first openly gay person to be hired to anchor a prime time new program.


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