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!! OMG, a contest: Be the !! omg social club !! COVERBOY !!


We are looking for a few good men... to be on the !! omg social club !! flyers.

How would you like to star in our print and online campaigns?

We need a diverse group of five guys who want to put their faces out there for the good of the club (the celebrity status that follows is just a bonus).

When we say "diverse," that means we want to represent different ages (over 18), races, body types, etc., so please don't be shy.

All you have to do:

- Write "" on something. It could be a napkin, a piece of paper, your bare chest, etc.

- Take a happy, waist-up photo of yourself that shows the written URL and your smiling face (please submit a hi-res photo if you can)

- Email your photo to along with the following statement:

"In exchange for consideration received, I hereby give permission to !! omg social club !! to use my photographic likeness in all forms and media for advertising, trade, and any other lawful purposes."

That's it! Good luck if you choose to enter!

OMG, it's open: !! omg social club !!
OMG, he's our Coverboy: Fidz
OMG, he's our Coverboy: Conor
OMG, introducing Coverboy Geoffrey
OMG, introducing Coverboy Tarrence

» posted by Frank on Friday, August 13, 2010
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wow! this is nice...

» posted by keyrill eduardo willeyhem | November 12, 2010 7:45 AM

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