!! OMG, Bigot Special: Queer protesters take Target by storm !!

Now this is my kind of activism! In punishment for Target’s pokerfaced financial support of evil secessionist homophobes, a bunch of wacky queer radicals by the name of Queer Rising rampaged through the cheery red and white superstore handing out cheeky coupons and repeatedly making the following announcement on a secret intercom thingy:

Good afternoon Target shoppers. When shopping at Target, know that your money is fueling hate and discrimination. Today’s bigot special is two ply toilet paper. Because when you’re so full of shit like Target is, you need something to wipe the shame with. Have a great day and thank you for not shopping at Target.

As someone who for years knew the boredom of working at a big corporate retail box, (the Gap!) I can tell you for sure that this was the most fun these Target employees have had in months. I especially enjoy watching the managers get all worked into a dull-eyed lather.
And while the cries of homophobia are in my opinion somewhat overblown– because huge corporations would probably give money to Nazis if they thought it would score them a tax break– I think it’s great anytime any big company gets even the tiniest comeuppance for their shameless manipulation of the political system.
Also this is just funny. So yay!

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6 Comments on "OMG, Bigot Special: Queer protesters take Target by storm"

  1. Look up target ain’t people, it’s way funny and a lot more creative….

  2. I wonder how long before someone gets arrested. Its one thing to picket or whatnot but the cursing is a bit much and not only that, you loose your upperhand when you start cursing, there are kids in the stores and you will turn a potential supporter off.

  3. why are they being mean to target? they sell great design at low prices
    but really it wasn’t the target corporation, it was just that single target store that donated the money,
    besides why waste energy on them, when they should focus on the homophobic politician.

  4. What a disgrace and horrible way to create ‘acceptance’. You’ll never do it by force … when will you fags ever learn.

  5. Hysterical.I love asshole supervisors (that actually think retail will give them a career) trying to act like they actually are been respected and listened to.

  6. they have a right to kick them out of the store. i agree. but is there anything wrong with them standing outside the store? i mean those christian guys with the signs do it in front of the abortion clinic all the time…

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