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!! OMG gossip: Hayden Christensen is here, he’s not dating a woman anymore, so get used to it! !!

Hayden Christensen and Rachel Bilson are officially over. [popbytes]
Contrary to previous reports, Britney Spears will appear in her Glee tribute episode [popeater]
Rachel Zoe dies three times in Harper’s Bazaar [dlisted]
OMG Jennifer Love Hewitt‘s bloody face! [evil beet]
Snooki says she’s “too pretty to go to jail” [celeb smack]
This trannie is deadly:drag queen/club kid Jane Lane bites off a man’s ear at High Bar [gawker]
Toledo woman tries to take McNuggets by force at 6:30am from the McDonald’s drive-through window [starcasm]
OMG Pop-Tarts pop-up store in Times Square! [kenneth]
Portia De Rossi is taking wife Ellen Degeneres‘s last name [l.a. rag mag]
Pete Burns steps into the wrestling ring! [tabloid prodigy]
Ever wonder what your baby would like depending on who the other parent is? Thanks to a new website, this is possible. [pitnb]
7 best names for a new Muslim gay bar [queerty]
OMG Mia Michaels racist? She thinks not. [socialite life]
The American Bar Association comes out in favor of same-sex marriage [towleroad]
Go behind the scenes of the Michael Kors FW10 campaign shoot. Precious NY moments… [oh la la]
OMG puppy carrying case for mommy dogs! [cityrag]

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