!! OMG, Help Him Get Naked: Morgan Tepsic !!

Morgan Tepsic’s Naked Stop-Motion Extravaganza! from Morgan Tepsic on Vimeo.

(Video NSFW!)
Morgan Tepsic is a boy with a dream: to “jump around the world naked.” What this literally seems to mean is that he wants to travel around getting naked, jumping and taking pictures of himself. Well that’s fine with me; based on the above video he’s definitely a cutie.
But if Morgan’s going to make his dream come true, he needs some money, which is why he’s started this Kickstarter Project. Why don’t you go donate? (He’ll send you a naked postcard if you do!)

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3 Comments on "OMG, Help Him Get Naked: Morgan Tepsic"

  1. Not a god damn dime will he receive from me! If he plans on reaching in my pockets I better see some penetration going on somewhere in the postcard. And I agree with Shannon. He is not even cute.

  2. If he wants my money, he’s going to have to get better taste in music! 😉

  3. YUCK!!! PLEASE keep your naked photo!….come guys….hi is NOT cute!

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