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!! OMG, He’s Masturbating: Lane from Big Brother 12 !!

Lane from Big Brother 12 is so sexually potent that he just couldn’t hold it anymore! The hunky, somewhat bear-ish (but possibly cross-eyed??) real man was caught by the Big Brother live camera having some good old-fashioned quality time with Rosie Palm in the shower.
Interestingly, Lane seems to have a habit of compulsively picking his nose and ears while he JO’s. Weird! I wonder if he does that during sex too?
The video is after the jump. No nudity, really, but I’m still going to say it’s NSFW…
[Via Jezebel, thanks to Brian for the tip!]

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    He seemed to be getting really into it for a few seconds. Loved the facial expression.

    notice how he checked his hand to see if he washed everything off of it? LOL

    OMG! thank you for this. . .any one else masturbating in the BB house?

    The pre-occupation with the ears and nose was a poor attempt to cover up what he was doing by acting busy and keeping watch in case someone surprises him.

    Haven’t you heard of earogenous zones?

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