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!! OMG, His Butt: Adrian Grenier !!

Swarthy Elfquest creature Entourage actor Adrian Grenier has graced these pages with his shapely butt before, all the way back in 2006 when he bared a few grainy frames of booty in the movie A Perfect Fit. The butt was nice enough then, but four years later it’s finally being given the showcase it deserves: on Sunday night’s Entourage, porn star-cum-actress Sasha Grey discovers Grenier passed out naked by the pool displaying his nude bottom for all to see. And this time with HBO-quality cinematography and lighting. Finally!
The NSFW caps are after the jump.
[Thanks to CB for the caps]


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    Oh man, huge props for the Elfquest reference. So true too.

    He is a very good-looking guy from the neck up, but his body is average at best. He’s the artsy type that doesn’t exercise alot. If he worked out, he’d truly be like a greek statue!
    But his ass is really kind of flat on here.
    I’ve seen better.

    Nothing to get exxcited about.

    He’s a nice enough looking guy be he seems very narcissistic.

    ugh i saw this episode sasha has major bush lmfao

    Disgusting! he….along with his butt looks like it stinks to high hell!

    He’s lookin’ a little airbrushed there, though, I think.

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