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!! OMG, How Spooky: Lady Gaga Halloween costumes hit the market !!

Sick of that old Groucho Marx costume you’ve been hauling out every Halloween? I know I’m sick of it! But good news: with just a little bit of cash you can do your trick-or-treating decked out as everyone’s favorite pop star/performance artist: Lady Gaga herself. These costumes are officially licensed by the House of Gaga. But am I not looking carefully or not, or can I not find the most important piece of Gaga paraphernalia ever? WHERE ARE THE CIGGIE SUNGLASSES?
[Rubie’s via Gawker]

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    I believe that I might have been thinking a little bit more detailed than I needed to be as this stage.

    Too bad they didn’t have these last year. 🙁 I had to make due with a Beautiful, Dirty, Rich costume.

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