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!! OMG, Make Beautiful Music: Shirtless 45-year-old karaoke singer seeks duet partner !!

Are you a serious karaoke lover who has a hard time finding a mate who takes karaoke as seriously as you do? Today may be your lucky day!
(Unless you’re a “country girl”)

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    He sure is cute. But its all about those nipples….

    I want to stab my ears with skewers. SHUT UP!!!!

    OMG…he is cute. I would take him to raise in a minute. Those nipples…..

    He is crazy cuckoo but I would do him in a heart beat.

    He’s not that bad looking. Kinda cute in a butch kinda way. But those nipples… they are just BEGGING to be played with! Either that or it’s cold in his video booth.

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