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!! OMG, Stay Informed: What James Franco Did Today !!

Ever find yourself wondering what dimpled, sleepy-eyed actor James Franco is doing right this instant? Me too! In fact, I was just musing about what he’s doing right now. Okay, how about now!? Perhaps he’s working on some kind of homoerotic art project. Maybe he’s taking a shower, or running through his General Hospital lines, or even training himself to watch 3-D movies without 3-D glasses. Could anything be more fascinating? I doubt it! In fact, I wonder what he’s doing now!
Well, I’m pleased to report that a new blog is here to keep us all apprised of the day-to-day doings of the eclectic Mr. Franco. While What James Franco Did Today might not offer the constant, up-to-the-minute bulletins that I truly desire, it still manages to keep me mostly in the know. Whether he’s trying to write out Pi in its entirety, rehearsing for Shakespeare in the Park or show jumping on a horse named Smokey, Franco’s life never ceases to fascinate!
[What James Franco Did Today via VideoGum]

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