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!! OMG, You Can Dance: For Inspiration !!

Do you yearn to dance but fear embarrassment? Or maybe you’re comfortable with upright dancing but are unsure how to add more levels to your routine? Remember, “Dancing is not just a standing sport,” and underpants-and-argyles wearing Spike is here to help! (If his attention-stealing dog doesn’t get in the way.)
[Via VideoGum]

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    does he get horny? 😛

    Danthing ith not juth a thanding thport!

    i dont want to be mean but he needs some dancing classes , he has the heart

    “move cheryl I’m working”

    OMG – I know it’s so wrong to laugh at the developmentally disabled, but the whole “I’m working! Stop! I’m working” rant made me pee a little.

    holy cow Imma gonna join his crew! lol

    I have no words…. omg i haven’t laughed that hard in such a long time.

    Spike needs an inhaler!!!

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