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!! OMG gossip: Lenny Kravitz steps out in heels !!

Lenny Kravitz is working a full trannie look in heeled hooker boots for men and head-to-toe goth/ninja attire [tabloid prodigy]

Lindsay Lohan failed her drug test. Back to jail! [popeater]

Disgraced gay pastor Ted Haggard rushes to the defense of disgraced probably-gay pastor Eddie Long [towleroad]

OMG new Harry Potter trailer!! [evil beet]

The Libertarians are actively courting the gay vote for the first time in history. [queerty]

Shakira gives her usual dynamic best on David Letterman performing her new single "Loca" [socialite life]

OMG new Bill and Ted sequel??? [pitnb]

A vice-principal in Pennsylvania has been arrested for sexting a 13-year-old student [starcasm]

Adam Levine comes to the defense of Jake Gyllenhaal over gay rumors, reinforces gay rumors [l.a. rag mag]

OMG leopard hanging out of an Audi on the highway in Russia! [uncoached]

After Elton reviews James Franco in The Howl [after elton]

Cameron Crowe and Nancy Wilson are divorcing [celeb smack]

Second (female) hooker comes forward in David Beckham cheating scandal [hollywood rag]

Model Michael Kenne Miller pushes the limits of how low you can wear your pants, all the while wielding a hose [oh la la]

Is John Travolta a (gay) sex addict? [dlisted]

Britney Spears is now wearing a bra [cityrag]

OMG pizza as conceptual art! [slice]

OMG gossip: John Travolta and the rumors that won't go away
OMG gossip: Vinny Guadagnino might show us the goods
OMG gossip: Adam Lambert overshares
OMG gossip: Lindsay channels Grace
OMG gossip: Hayden Christensen is here, he's not dating a woman anymore, so get used to it!

» posted by Frank on Friday, September 24, 2010
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