!! OMG, he’s naked: Allan Theo !!

38-year-old French singer Allan Theo has returned to the public eye in a particularly attention-grabbing way after remaining largely invisible since the 90s. He has a new bad-boy image: tattooed, ripped, waxed, angry, and not afraid to show off his body.
He gets fully nude in the video for his new song “Je dérive,” which seems to be an homage to American Psycho. There are sexy elements, violent elements, and quite a lot of of his naked butt and peen.
See NSFW stills and download the video after the jump!

Click images to enlarge. Download video here.
(Image Source via Dreamcaps)

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7 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Allan Theo"

  1. Love it HG. Tell it how it is. I support ya!

  2. AMEN, HG! I am fucking tired of this fucking “shannon” troll. Enough is enough bitch. You inject pure negativity into everything. Either post your tiny dick on here for everyone else to judge as HG suggests, or find another site to troll your shit.

  3. Amazingly beautiful man…

  4. Shannon,
    Everyone on this website is fucking sick of you only dropping by to comment on nude dude posts that some guy has a “tiny pecker.” We know you’re just getting off to the humiliation aspect. Let me be the first to ruin your masturbatory illusion: very rarely are the guys you so kindly stop by to sexually denigrate anything but normal–no more, no less. I’ve read statistics that say that 90% of men have average size penises. Isn’t it hilarious that OMGBlog seems to only post such a small percentage of the super-tiny ones, huh? Methinks you’d say Dirk Diggler himself was hung like a rabbit.
    If you have such bragging rights and are in such a position to condemn others, then I challenge YOU to show US what you’ve got! Frank and BMad would do kindly to pose this challenge as well. Send your damn picture to [email protected] and then maybe we can see what makes you so arrogant. Also, none of that Googling “big dicks” and then claiming some other person’s picture is your own. Include a sign in the picture that says something like “Shannon from OMGBlog” so we know it’s really you.
    You have been challenged. Until you can prove yourself, the rest of us will assume that you have a thimble between your legs and that your humiliating comments posed at others is simply jealousy.
    – HG

  5. It was ok till he turned around and showed that tiny….tiny pecker…lol

  6. If I had this guy’s body, I’d never wear clothes. I’d like to learn his workout routine. Also, I’m very picky about dicks but this is an uncircumcised one that turned out alright (it’s usually about 50/50, in my opinion).

  7. Man… fucking fit body and a big ol’ cock.

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