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!! OMG, It’s Coming: Glee Season Two !!

Pssst, actually I secretly think Glee kind of sucks balls, but I know everyone else is all over it like Ellen on Portia’s poon, so maybe you would like to watch the new, just-released preview of it?
As for me, I’ll just be waiting for when they have the very special Taylor Dayne episode. Then I’ll consider reconsidering.

[New York Magazine

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    I think it’s cute! I don’t watch it for the music at all. I watch it for the humor, the high school soap opera, and the…wait, I guess that’s about it. Plus the guy in the wheelchair is a hottie. I’d hop on that in half a second!

    Amen. My God that show is overrated. Reminds me of all the other shows people were so hot for (Lost, D Housewives, Heros etc) that tanked at some point then everyone came to their senses. That can’t come soon enough for me with Glee!

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