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!! OMG, Kylie introduces her new video ‘Get Outta My Way’ !!

OMG she knows who we are!! I almost peed when I received this video of Kylie Minogue name-checking us in the intro to her new video for her wicked single “Get Outta My Way,” which you can watch after the jump.
“Aphrodite” is still album of the summer in my opinion, and it will be album of the fall and winter as long as these great singles keep coming.

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    oh i love kylie
    as a typical proud aussie it gives me goosebumps to see a fellow aussie doing soooo well

    I love Kylie, but what’s with the gold Freddy Kruger hand thingey during the gold dress sequence? Its kinda scary!

    what? no one told her it’s pronounced phonetically?

    Hells to the yes! Way better than just being mentioned in her newsletter

    i love me some kylie!!!

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