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!! OMG, Stop Thief: Orgy attendee steals host cat !!

Okay, I know this is the last thing I should be focused on here, but that’s not the normal Craigslist font! Does that mean this is fake? Someone please explain.
[Via WOW Report]

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    I dunno. At least about it being from Austin. Not to nit-pick, but they’re saying hella, which is NorCal slang.
    Unless the dude moved from the Bay. Then I dunno, lol.

    Well I live in Austin and The Domain is a real area. For the record though, with the amount of gang bangs that go on out here, you leave some pussy laying around it’s bound to get jacked.

    Bad enough you might encounter pussy at a gang bang. Why on Earth would you want to take it home with you?

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