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!! OMG, Don’t Fall Under Her Spell: Christine O’Donnell swears she’s not a witch !!

Now if only we could somehow find a way to get Stevie Nicks to run against her– then we’d have a magical election right out of Harry Potter on our hands.

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    Look at the crazy in her eyes, it looks like she’s holding in a fart or restraining herself from stabbing the cameraman or something.

    I’d put Stevie Nicks in any political office any day.

    ew sick

    The sad part is that this ad actually makes her LOOK like a witch…and why is she talking so slow and monotone as if she’s trying to hypnotize the viewer!! OMG

    I loooove how she prefaced that with “I’m not a witch” ROFL! best video I’ve seen all week.
    And this lady, who is she? A comedian? I’m from Sweden so a little out of the loop.

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