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!! OMG, His Butt: Austin from The A-List !!


If you've been watching The A-List on Logo, you are a terrible person! (Just kidding-- I've been watching it. But I do feel terrible about it!) Anyway, call me crazy but I say that Austin, the former model who also used to date Marc Jacobs and is now supposedly "fat" is the hottest castmember. Now don't get me wrong-- I'm just as fatphobic as the next gay! But I really prefer Austin's perfectly cute body to the likes of Reichen and his boyfriend, who look weird gay sex-androids.

Also: Austin has a cute butt! We now know because a reader snapped a picture of it in a bar and sent it our way. It's after the jump, NSFW. Thanks to Ryan C. for sending it our way!


Even better than the butt, of course, is the face the guy is making behind him. Disclosure: I've been making that face all weekend!

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» posted by Bmad on Tuesday, October 12, 2010
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I 100% agree with you! I freaking love his body! When that trainer unzipped his shirt I totally popped a boner XD. It's the type of body that I love on my men. That sorta muscular but not very defined body. I can't stand twinks (even though I guess I am one), I don't like super extreme steroid bodies and chubs um no thanks but that boy next door body mmmmmmm turns me on all the time! BUT he is such a little bitch and annoying so he looses a lot of brownie points because of that. Still his body is hot :D totally fuckable

» posted by Sgomez | October 21, 2010 1:12 AM

He is disgusting and has lost his looks. Not only is he unattractive physically but even more so is his shallow bitchy personality!

» posted by Lover | October 15, 2010 10:46 PM

he is cute but aslso an obnoxious ass . The old guy next to him is his own client number 9 of the night.

» posted by ousslander | October 14, 2010 12:20 PM

When did he start dating Gollum?

» posted by unclevanyaz | October 13, 2010 12:40 AM

The guy he is with is known here in Chgo liking little call boys to spend money on! SO THIS GUY MUST BE A CALL BOY

» posted by Shaun | October 13, 2010 12:10 AM

meh. the fact that he's such a little attention whore "star" fucker is a complete turn off.

» posted by ted | October 12, 2010 7:14 PM

This is all sorts of NO. It's like that picture of Jesus Luz naked with Madonna in the foreground.

» posted by Joe L | October 12, 2010 6:46 PM

This would be a good pic for This Is Photobomb: the old dude looks like his saying "Praise Jesus!"

» posted by J.P. | October 12, 2010 6:21 PM

Nice ass, and I imagine that old queen next to him is his new piece since he seems to ride any old dick that will pay his way through life. What a bunch of fucking losers. Pass!

» posted by Rob | October 12, 2010 3:08 PM

That ass could convert me back to a top again!

» posted by kansastock | October 12, 2010 2:07 PM

Bahahahah I love this photo. Kind of hate him on the show but this shows he is my kind of hot mess. Love it!

» posted by GetItSquirrel | October 12, 2010 1:55 PM

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