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!! OMG, How Statistical: Official studies gay and straight people have mostly different taste !!

Hm, what could that big list of entirely unrelated words mean. Surprise: it’s Things Lesbians Like! (Wouldn’t I be so good on Pyramid?!)
The graphic is based on profile data collected by dating site OK Cupid, who just published a big and very compelling survey analyzing the similarities and differences between gays and straights when it comes to online dating. After the jump, find out what gay men and straights like! Shocker: while our Sapphic Sisters are wasting their time ruminating on The L Word, it’s straight women who sit around dreaming about their girlfriends

Gee, I thought the number one gay like would be War and Peace. Weird!
Thank God my boyfriend isn’t straight. It’s bad enough he makes me watch You’ve Got Mail every time it comes on cable…
And finally: straight women are bigger dykes than lesbians! You learn something new every day.
[via Queerty]

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    Oh my god! I didn’t know I was a lesbian. This explains a lot.

    God bless sweeping generalizations.

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