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!! OMG, It Gets Worse: A former bully tells his story !!

You might be a mean middle school bully today, but the road to assistant manager at Ladies’ Foot Locker is a short and painful one. Because, you know, sometimes it gets worse…
[via Sullybear]

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    It doesn’t even work as a parody/spoof. That’s 3 minutes of my life I won’t get back!!


    He’s so hot! Rawr.

    sumotherguy, i don’t think we’re supposed to think it’s “real…”
    it’s, like, a parody

    This video is so FAKE. Come on now. It’s so staged with the pizza hut and beer box on the coucn to make him look straight… and they way he says stuff like “When I was in college… junior college…” So rehearsed. Pathetic.

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