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!! OMG, it’s gotta be short: Justin Bieber biopic !!

Isn’t sixteen a little young to have a movie (a 3D movie no less) made about your life story? Not if you’re Justin Bieber! So who’s going?

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    Regardless of whether or not the Biebz thinks he has something worth talking about, they didn’t make it because someone felt he had a story to tell. They made it because the movie will make more money than the GNP of most smaller countries in the first weekend alone.

    “I was born and I haven’t hit puberty yet, watch my balls drop in 3D!” /roll credits

    I don’t trust any teenagers that want to come out with an autobiography or a movie about their lives. They don’t really know enough for anyone to wanna listen to ’em. What can Justin Bieber tell you about life? Nothing. lol

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