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!! OMG, how titillating: Robyn’s “Indestructible” video !!

You might want to light a scented candle before pressing play on the sexy new music video for Robyn‘s “Indestructible”. In the video, the Swedish pop star is wearing outfit made of plastic tubes that seems to be thematically linked to a series of artfully-shot scenes of a woman getting hot and heavy with an array of attractive bedmates. As things heat up, the liquid coursing around Robyn’s body changes color and eventually turns completely black. This video is definitely all about the dark undercurrent.




    That was damn near perfect. That was amazing! This is why I

    can’t wait til next month when i’m going to see her in concert. hope she wears that dress, lol.

    Well Robyn canceled her sold out tour of Australia to go tour the US next month. So I hope you enjoy it! Bitch…..

    leighton meester, is that you? after gossip girl and robyn guest appearing it wouldn’t surprise me with the team up.

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