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!! OMG, Yum Yum: Banned UK ad makes me want to eat ice cream right this minute !!

Wait, never mind. This ad doesn’t make me want to eat ice cream at all– it makes me want to get down sexually with a bunch of priests who are really models. But Dear God, I ask you: why are your servants never this hot in real life?! (As someone who grew up going to Catholic Church every week I can guarantee you that I never once saw a priest with whom I’d even consider making a date to meet up with in a confessional booth.)
Oh, and, this ad was banned in the UK! Which, I dunno, sad I guess?
[via Towleroad]

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    Spent the summer in Rome and I can tell you there are priests who have made my heart skip a beat!
    Almost makes me wanna go back to church…or not.

    So then what you are saying there Anon is that two wrongs make a right, and that it’s perfectly OK to disrespect someone because they are doing it to you? Way to sink to their level…

    Well lucky for me I had a GORGEOUS priest when I use to go to church a couple of years ago. His name was father Mike and he was soooo freakin hot. Blue eyes, blonde hair and a great body (Well from what i imagined under those clothes XD). Honestly if I didn’t know any better I’d say Daniel Craig had a name change some years ago. Unfortunately he left to do something in idk, Rome I guess (at least that’s what we were told) and then he got replaced by some dumpy old man named father Issac T_T
    What’s wrong with the ad? They could just be hugging or about to whisper something.

    I don’t get the point of disrespecting people’s sexual orientations/sexual behaviours, no matter the orientation. I think the comment below is rather ridiculous and in poor taste.


    OMG!!!! They are sooooooooo hot…..

    I don’t get the point of disrespecting people’s religions/religious beliefs, no matter the religion. I think this ad is rather ridiculous and in poor taste.


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