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!! OMG, download the new Lykke Li single “Get Some” !!

It’s been two years since Lykke Li set the Internet on fire with her debut album Youth Novels, her fan girl-ish hip-hop cover songs and her charming homemade music videos. Last week Swedish pop singer made a triumphant return to the music blogosphere by releasing a brand new single called “Get Some” for free via her website along with the acoustic b-side “Paris Blue”. Fans reacted by making her the most blogged-about, Twitter-ed about, crushed-on artist that isn’t Kanye West. In fact, everyone is so damn excited for Lykke Li’s return to the stage that all of her upcoming shows in Europe and New York have sold out.

Download “Get Some” by Lykke Li (email sign-up required)
Lykke Li fall tour dates:
Nov. 2 – Paris @ La Maroquinerie (Sold Out)
Nov. 4 – London @ Heaven (Sold Out)
Nov. 8 РStockholm @ Șdra Teatern (Sold Out)
Dec. 1 – New York @ Le Poison Rouge (Sold Out)

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