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!! OMG, get her on SNL: Chloe Michelle !!

In this video, Chloe Michelle impersonates a Dominican girl from her neighborhood (Washington Heights, NYC).
After the jump, see Chloe Michelle imitate her Jewish aunt, the Italian guy who asked her on a date, and Laquanda the black girl who has had enough. (Thanks Rory!)

Italian guy date invitation:

The official Jewish Aunt welcome:

Laquanda has had enough:

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    I’m Dominican n I loved it sometimes I talk like that when I get mad just when I get mad lmao

    She’s amazing. And funny!

    Hilarious indeed! She has some talent in impersonation.
    Lulu, you sound like a crabby old douche.

    Basic teenage impressions? Yes. Funny? No.

    Hang out with me, please, please please!

    Hahaha! She definitely has a talent! Comedienne in the making?


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