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!! OMG gossip: Brad Pitt and Matt Damon make bold fashion choices !!

Brad Pitt wears leather pants on the red carpet [socialite life]
And Matt Damon wears a Snuggie on television [popbytes]
RIP Leslie Nielsen. Let’s remember his funniest moments. [popeater]
Mariah Carey is peddling some cheap crap on the Home Shopping Network [pitnb]
OMG Adam Lambert smokes pot on stage! [l.a. rag mag]
OMG, meet the Brother Husbands! [queerty]
Meanwhile, poor Willie Nelson got thrown in jail for a bit of pot. [dlisted]
OMG Florida woman has 30 different glamour-mugshots [tabloid prodigy]
OMG chewed bubblegum celebrity portraits! [the berry]
“It Gets Bitter” [kenneth]
OMG new Justin Bieber haircut! [evil beet]
This Spanish lady claims that she is the rightful, legal owner of the sun [hollywood rag]
Football player/reality star Chad Ochocinco gets naked for PETA [oh la la]
This just in: Gay marriages conducted over Skype are not legal in Washington DC [towleroad]

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