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!! OMG, He’s Naked and Blurry: Jake Gyllenhaal !!

Jake Gyllenhaal‘s penis is the new bigfoot! As in, the pictures we have of it are very blurry and of uncertain provenance. But still! It’s supposedly Jake Gyllenhaal’s penis and you should be happy about that, right? I assume the picture (after the jump) is from his new movie Love and Other Drugs, which is supposedly full of highly explicit sex, but I’m not totally sure. I’m sure someone will set me straight soon enough.
By the way, the flaccid member appears to be of generous size.
The picture is after the jump. NSFW, I guess.
[Via WOW Report]

Look underneath Natalie Portman and it’s there:
BONUS: This clip is from Jarhead and required some major Photoshop work, but it’s in there! It’s sexier if you squint your eyes and stand really far away from your monitor!

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    I believe that screencap is from Jarhead, there is another photo going around from Love and Other Drugs.
    I could be wrong, either way, he’s hot.

    That picture is from Jarhead, actually.

    And Shannon will show up to talk about how small it is in 3… 2… 1…

    Ooh, I like naked Jake…

    He is a cutie!!! We need a better pic!

    That first cap is from Love and Other Drugs. While it looks like ‘little Jake’, some have speculated that it is his big toe, but looking at the placement of his knee and having seen the anitmated gif, he would have to be double jointed. A more popular belief is that it’s a 2D optical illusion and that it is really a blanket or sheet.

    i guess he’s getting serious with Taylor Swift.

    While quite blurry he’s got a good size on him! I knew it! 😀 It’s always the quiet ones 😉

    Ha, what a wonderful troll face.
    He just loves watching people squirm over his cock sightings.

    First sex scene in love And other Drug when they on the floor And he goes to move u can see his penis

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