Not just Kylie! There were three Dannii songs in there too. (And the closing credits were another Dannii song.)
In Australia, Kylie and Dannii are equally well-known, and both have been gay icons for decades. (Kylie as a soap opera actress turned international pop star; Dannii as a former child star turned tabloid fodder turned Playboy model turned successful dance recording artist turned television celebrity.)
In the UK, Dannii is now more famous than Kylie is! (But only as a judge on X-Factor, not as a musician. Most Brits couldn’t name a Dannii Minogue song, even though she’s had 12 consecutive #1 hits on the dance charts.)
If you don’t know who Dannii is, google “Everlasting night”, “I Begin to Wonder”, or “So Under Pressure”. Fans of gay dance music are praying that Dannii will return to recording music one day.