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!! OMG, instant classic: Neil Young and Bruce Springsteen sing ‘Whip My Hair’ !!

Willow Smith can add this to her growing list of milestones-at-the-age-of-ten: Having her song “Whip My Hair” covered by the legendary Neil Young and Bruce Springsteen.
Two One great American and one great Canadian singer/songwriter sing one great American song. (Thanks Kevin!)
CLARIFICATION: This is a skit on the Jimmy Fallon Show and features Jimmy Fallon as Neil Young and Bruce Springsteen as himself.

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    That was actually really nice. The song sounds great both ways.

    That IS Springsteen and Jimmy Fallon. Springsteen was a guest on his talk show.

    Wait… but that is Bruce Springsteen.

    Stupidest song ever, and like so many others Willow Smith should thank autotune.

    Neil Young? That looks suspiciously like Jimmy Fallon.

    That’s not Neil Young…it’s Jimmy Fallon. I can’t tell who the other actor is. It was an SNL skit.

    That’s not Neil Young. Boo this! I got excited for a minute… but alas, it was just another Jimmy Fallon attempt at humor. :\

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