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!! OMG, They Want You: The A-List casting for spinoffs !!


Attention gays everywhere (except New York). Thanks to the fabulous success of the original gay housewife show, the producers of The A-List: New York are now in the market to spin the series off into other cities. They're currently holding casting calls in Dallas and LA, but more locations are surely TK.

If the flagship series is any indication, there are a few requirements to be A-List enough for reality teevee:

- Must enjoy preventative plastic surgery / injectables
- Must work in the fashion industry-- out of work "models" to the front of the line!
- Must squeal in prissy horror anytime anything is "uncouth"
- Must be able to summon outrage for even the pettiest offense
- Must refer to your dick as your "genitals"
- Above all: must be a vapid, golddigging little troll.

Start shooting your audition tapes now! Good luck boys!

[via Queerty]

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» posted by Bmad on Thursday, November 4, 2010
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I really think it is sad when people in the gay community feel that it's necessary to to harbor so much hate for each other. This show obviously appeals to a certain demographic, and like the other commenter posted you CAN just go down to a local gay bar and find many people "like this".... So instead of saying things like "oh they're horrible, vapid, going to be single for ever, etc etc", why not just say "well that's not my style, but i can turn the channel!".

This is especially true considering it is a TV SHOW. They can edit and make people seem rather different from the way they are in real life - so to say someone is a "horrible horrible human being" is just ridiculous. I know if someone aired all my dirty laundry on tv it would make me seem pretty bad too!

I just think it shows alot more maturity to be able to come across people with different views, personalities, etc without responding cattily and with disdain.

» posted by Ryan | November 8, 2010 9:02 AM

The pic of the one you posted is the worst one. He has no soul and will probably be the single cause for the failure of the gay rights movement. What a horrible horrible human being.

» posted by Jack | November 5, 2010 4:24 PM

Fabulous success??? With who? Good lord, this was the absolutely WORST show ever to be seen on television. I was embarrassed to watch the first episode with those silly little queens. May it go away forever, never to be seen again. If I want to watch something like that I will go to my local twinkie bar and people-watch.

» posted by ggore | November 5, 2010 6:58 AM

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