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!! OMG, Trouble in Republican Paradise: Cindy McCain accuses husbo John of homophobia in anti-bullying ad !!

Wow. Cindy McCain appears in this anti-bullying ad to say the following:

Our political and religious leaders tell LGBT youth that they have no future… they can’t serve our country openly… Our government treats the LGBT community like second class citizens. Why shouldn’t they?

Who on Earth could Ms. McCain be talking about. Oh, perhaps her very own dear husband, who has come out in strong favor of continuing to keep gays out of the military. In the context of the video, she’s basically accusing him of being responsible for teen suicides.
I certainly wouldn’t want to be eating dinner in the McCain household tonight. Who would have thought that of all the political spouses out there, quiet and Stepfordy-seeming Cindy McCain would be the one to have balls?
[Americablog via Sullybear]

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    Surprised to see some of the people in this one. Tom Bergeron? Anyway, does someone know who all of them were?
    Also, Dr. Drew in a tight shirt is delicious.

    Yeah, those McCain women are pretty thoughtful. Good for them! (Too bad the patriarch turned out to be such a jackass who only stands for what best suits him politically.)

    Wow. I think it reflects well on McCain, that he has a feisty wife who disagrees with him. Michelle Obama or Laura Bush just tow their husbands’ party line…

    Cindy Mcain is no stepford wife, she is the wealthy powerful wife who has support john all these years. she owns one of the largest beer distributorships in the country

    Where were all these people when I was coming out over 6 years ago?

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