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!! OMG, Wrap Your Head Around This: The New Kids on the Block meet the Backstreet Boys !!

So far this video hasn’t caused a rip in the increasingly fragile space-time continuum, but I still think it could happen… because holy shit, you guys, it’s the Backstreet Boys and the New Kids together for the first time. Shield your eyes!!!!

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    They sounded AUWFUL! Completly out of pitch and no power at all. Well the fact is that I don’t know why but almost all the artists that performed at the AMAs sounded awful and out of pitch (really out of pitch). Except maybe Pink and Enrique Iglesias.

    Good Lord, such week voices… They really suck singining live…

    Wow, not a one of them sang a single note in key. That’s really sad, haha.

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