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!! OMG, biopic: Mickey Rourke to play gay rugger Gareth Thomas !!

Mickey Rourke‘s going from wrestler to rugger. He confirmed on a British talk show last night that he’s set to play gay rugby icon Gareth Thomas. Not so familiar with Thomas? Check out our gallery after the jump.
[via Towleroad]

Gareth Thomas Nick Youngquest naked.jpg

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    OMG! This is not good. Mickey Rourke is not fine enough, Trust me. Gareth Thomas and I practically ran into each other on my way from work a couple of months ago in London. Gareth Thomas is a tall sexy, gorgeous going looking dude and need I add?! He was very down to earth as well. He was polite and courteous to me. Please God, Let them pick someone else to do Gareth Thomas justice.

    C’mon. Jeremy Sheffield would have been perfect for this part. Or Daniel Craig.

    Mickey Rourke is 30 years too old and several hundred times too ugly to play Gareth Thomas.

    They couldn’t have picked a worse looking guy to play him. Good actor, but really ugly

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