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!! OMG, does he or doesn’t he? Taylor Lautner !!

If you look closely at the above photo, it would appear that Taylor Lautner has something swinging in his pants. However, we found a nude image of Taylor from the set of the latest Twilight movie that makes quite a shocking revelation.
See it after the jump!

SECRET REVEALED: Taylor Lautner is in fact a Ken Doll!
Actually it’s probably the flesh-colored underwear they make underage (or prudish) actors wear on set for nude scenes. Good thing for you he was wearing them, as he is under 18 in this still!




    How is this an actual post? You can tell that his hips are twisted so that his junk is covered by his left arm. I can’t believe this merited a post.

    whatever he has is behind his arm or did u not notice he was missing a belly button as well . . .

    There is no doubt of it: He is free-balling.

    looks like a photoshop job…the dick side of the pants isn’t matching the non-dick side….yummy thought though and it totally works for me….i am sure his 3″ of limp becomes taller and prouder when treated right!!!

    do you have an all body nude pic of him?

    I think taylor is really smokin hot no joke

    nothing serious can be said until you have a real nude frontal and rear pic without any photoshopping!

    As long as I have a face he has a place to sit…

    No naked frontal pics of him?Not even rear pics?Is he gay.Many people say so.Or that he suffers from permanent erectile dysfunction!

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