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!! OMG, his coin-slot: Joe Jonas !!

Joe Jonas was photographed moving some sort of furniture out of a truck wearing low-cut jeans. You know what that means…
See the crack of his bootylicious bottom after the jump (Basically SFW, but still sexy if you’re into that!)

Click to enlarge.
(Thanks to CB for the image!)




    oh yes please, nothing like a good crack preview to let you know of the show inside, I wanna slide my tongue in there, even while sweaty from all that hard work and all,

    And he wears weird undies. But it looks like his ass is impeccably waxed.

    oddly enough, I had a dream about the JoBros doing a concert in their underwear. I was startled by htis b/c I’m really not into them like that. But it was hot….

    I was hoping for a little fuzz, but cute nonetheless…

    huwaw!!!!nice one!!!
    more more more!

    The other guy looks ready to “go TSA on his ass”.

    OMG Joe Jonas has butt crack! I thought a celebrity of his status would hire someone to do that crap for him.

    His crack must all the way up his back for that to be a real photo. He’s got some serious cleavage way up higher than most people.

    It looks like that guy is about to spank his ass.

    Assstastic. Those three boys have the sexiest asses. The things I’d do to them if I ever got the chance.

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