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!! OMG, they’re changing: Our email notifications !!

Some of you who subscribe to our email updates may have noticed you haven’t received anything since October. We apologize for the gap. We have been in the process of switching the platform of our email notifications.
The Good News: Email notifications are back and more reliable. They are now in daily digest form, so you will receive a summary of the day’s entries on !! omg blog !! once per day.
The Slightly Annoying News: You have to sign up again. It takes five seconds and you can do it here.
We hope those of you who subscribe will stay subscribed, and if you haven’t subscribed in the past, the !! omg blog !! daily digest is a great way to quickly see if there is anything of interest on the blog without leaving your inbox. Give it a try!
xo Frank and the OMG Team

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