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!! OMG, update: Cindy Barshop joins Real Housewives of New York !!

Rumors have long swirled that Cindy Barshop would take Bethenny Frankel’s place on The Real Housewives of New York, but now the gossip can stop (Ha! Like that’s possible for the Housewives) because Bravo has confirmed her casting. Barshop founded and owns Completely Bare, a day spa chain that specializes in hair removal — in fact, she’s Paris Hilton’s bikini waxer. Add in that Barshop’s a single mother to twin girls, and you’ve got a self-made, wax-slinging mom…and yet, not an actual housewife.
*Does anyone else think those funky blue medical shorts on Pauly D and the Situation suggest Barshop performed a little naughty-zone waxing?

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    omg can the guy on the right should not suck in his gut like that…

    These guys are utterly GROSS! And the BITCHutaion looks deformed!!! What the hell is that???

    Why does Mike thrust his junk all up against the lady? It’s just wrong!

    Please, for the love of all the world, someone make these people go away.

    Are they holding shower caps? Maybe she just dips them bodily into a vat of wax.

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