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!! OMG, what star quality: Little Russian kid in cafeteria !!

This kid could totally be Russia’s Michael Buble. Just wait. You saw it here first! (Thanks CB!)

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    Shirley, you jest! This is a pint-sized version of Steve Martin’s Wild & Crazy Guy with a shrill and off-pitch voice.

    Thanks to the OMG! gang for posting this. Personally, I would love to see this go viral, but just you posting it on here has garnered over 2000 views. He seems to have a bit of Beiber & young Michael Jackson going. Catchy tune. I got a bit hooked on it, and what he put into his performance. If he was in the U.S., I would bet someone would take notice. Couple snide comments made on the YouTube video page, which I consider uncalled for, but not everything is peaches and cream! May everyone have a great Christmas & holiday season!

    Whats with all the Cougars? Creepy!

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