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» OMG, more nude male celebs!

!! OMG, he’s everywhere (not just at Karl’s house): Baptiste Giabiconi !!

The reign of Baptiste Giabiconi as fashion’s most talked about male model (and aspiring musician, with emphasis on aspiring) adds another jewel to its crown with his latest spread for DANSK magazine — with a juicy interview to boot!
Of course, Giabiconi would be a big fat nobody (ok, maybe not fat) without Karl Lagerfeld, who’s supported the model as his muse at Chanel and beyond. Thankfully Giabiconi saved us the trouble of asking why and found out for himself:

“One day I went up to Karl and said: ‘Why me? What is it you see in me? Why do you only work with me?'” Baptiste said. “And he told me it’s because he sees something in me that he doesn’t see in other people, something in the way I carry myself. Karl said: ‘I see both a man and a woman in you at the same time.”

Lagerfeld recently shot his 21-year-old plaything for Interview‘s February issue with Giabiconi wearing nothing but sunglasses. Mmhmm, those images are after the jump.

And two bonus nudes from his shoot with Karl Lagerfeld for Wallpaper:

(Click for more nude male celebs)




    We saw his nice big uncut dick already in Wallpaper.
    So what’s with the black rectangles now. Is Unckle Kunty Karl just being coy?

    damn it. i want those bars outta the way

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