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» OMG, more nude male celebs!

!! OMG, he’s naked: Golden Globe winner Édgar Ramírez !!

When Carlos took home the 2011 Golden Globe Sunday night for Best Miniseries or TV Movie, most people’s reaction was, “Whoa, now there’s a surprise.” But my only reaction was, “Whoa, who’s that dark-haired piece of gorgeous on stage?!” Turns out he was leading actor Édgar Ramírez, who gets naked — like naked naked — in the miniseries. NSFW screen shots after the jump.

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    wow, nice piece
    I wish he didn’t shave it

    Cut? That’s unusual for a Latin man from Venezuela.

    Oh man he’s so damned handsome… It’s nice to see he looks even better naked.

    looks a vagina with a giant clit

    Wish I had a bathroom like that.
    Decent enough body, I suppose, but it’s really a shame about the tiny dick.

    You could have TOTALLY kept this to yourself! TINT…tiny dick…flat wide ass…YUCK

    he’s HOT!
    and stop whining, his dick is fine,..he’s not hard for godness shake!

    Nice to see an average sized guy willing to get in front of the camera. Very hot.

    Aye carumba! Still thinks he’s cute.
    To all the size queens, maybe he’s a grower, not a shower…LOL

    “Tiny” dick? He’s well within the realm of normal attractive – dick and all – in the real world. Porn has ruined people’s appreciation for the real and enslaved them to the freakish.

    I’m gonna go ahead and feel pretty confident in saying that every person who made a comment about him having a small penis has an even smaller member.

    This miniseries is about a Venezuelan-born terrorist in the 1970’s. I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t have trimmed his pubes. Fail.

    There is something wrong with you morons who believe that is tiny. It is above average and would be quite sufficient for most of us.
    Besides that, dick size should not be so bloody important, the substance of the person should be.
    Oh and yes, I do think he’s rather handsome.

    Tiny? Have you ever had sex with a man? He’s flaccid how you can judge it? This is medium for a flaccid cock. I’ve seen many dicks this size and even smaller that get huge when erect.

    Whoa. That guy is perfection.

    OMG, yes! I’ve been waiting to see him naked since Vantage Point. He was hotter back then but still looks good here 😉

    All you stupid biotches need to shut it. The size of a flaccid dick doesn’t always indicate how big it’ll be when it’s erect.

    I love when morons go oh tiny dick tiny dick. it don’t matter when u ain’t hard. a soft dick doesn’t show u the actual size when hard. completely different

    OK, this is why people have size issues folks. To the morons yelling “small dick” – my soft cock looks likes his, but when erect my member stands proud at 7.25 inches. My flaccid penis is only MAYBE 2 inches long (yet you can tell it is fat). I have been told on several occasions it is a “perfect” dick. This guys is gorgeous! His dick flaccid is gorgeous. All of you need to get a reality check on how the male anatomy works

    Despite what those who themselves have small cocks like to think, he has a tiny dick.
    Even if he’s a so-called ‘grower’, it won’t help that much.

    To all of you who say he’s small in the knickers, Please email your dick pics to omgblog so we can all see who is calling the kettle black here. Don’t be shy boys. Just pull the photo you use for your craigslist posts and send it on in.

    Handsome man, excellent body, but he looks cut to me. Unexpected for a South American. No problem with the dick, it looks about the same as mine, and I grow to 8″.

    some folks out there probably have loose or big holes out there that always seem to think this is too small…try getting sphincter reducing surgery

    It’s small men. Stop trying to vindicate him. Not everyone has a large penis and he certainly doesn’t.

    Guys…Shannon is a Grade-A troll, don’t play into his/her desperate need for attention.
    BTW…he’s fucking hot.

    I love pictures of men with their penis flaccid.
    I do not care too much for knob globblers who rate their interest in men based on who will give then the best stretch marks aorung their mouths.
    Sorry, but large cocks are just more work.
    About 6″ is perfect.

    hes not flaccid here at all…hes half erect & its obvious…

    Just saw Wrath of the Titans with him playing the part of Ares. Looked him up online because I think he’s really hot. Definitely wouldn’t throw this Latin Lover out of my bed. His dick looks perfectly fine to me and I’d love to plow that ass.

    He is hot, like Ares he is VERY VERY hot…..i LOVE this ctor !!!

    it is what’s on the inside that matters the most. He is one of the best actors and best looking men I’ve seen. His male part looks great to me I was surprised to see he’s cut most Latino are not. being a real woman who has not been with many men, he would be the perfect size for me, all of him is perfect for me. LOVE those green eyes!

    Adoro a EDGAR Ramirez.

    Why is the rumor he is gay, so strong. I know he has had many girlfriends. However there is a very strong rumor in Caracas, that he dated Jonathan Blum, the brother of Anabelle Blum. Can someone here, help me out, and clear up, whether he is gay or not.

    Why is there a stereotype that latin american men don’t shave down there? I am from Venezuela like Edgar, and I must say that, shaving or trimming pubic hair is pretty common here, actually, many men consider it not “hygienic” to have a giant bush of hair down there… I’m a woman by the way and shaving is pretty common in both sexes in my country… so, don’t believe everything you watch in porn…

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