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!! OMG, he’s naked: Model Luke Worrall !!

Model Luke Worrall has been the face of fashion campaigns for Marc by Marc Jacobs, Uniqulo, Vivienne Westwood and Juicy Couture — but it’s not his face that’s getting all the attention now. Worrall, who used to date Kelly Osbourne, took NSFW photos of himself with a new hair color. Apparently, brunettes have more fun.

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    Ummmm…no thanks.

    gross. He looks like he smells like balogna.

    Luke Worrall is without a doubt the hottest man in the universe at this point in time.

    If he was naked in the first picture with the white hair he would be so hot but in the nude picture he looks like one of those emo/scene kids who doesn’t bathe.

    eww.. that thing was in kelly osbourne!

    No thank you.

    I wish that black square isn’t on the photo.

    why is there a black box where the cock would connect to the body? This leads me to believe this is a fake.

    What’s the big deal? Last time I checked we came out of our mom’s womb nude. Adam & Eve were nude until the Devil told them. It’s gotten way out of context. The human body is one of the amazing forms in life there is. giggle-giggle, grow up. Besides if Luke wants too do what he wants too do, then I know it’s not my business. You either look or you don’t have too.

    Steve: It looks like a screencap from a Skype video call. The black square is where the other person’s video image would be.

    LoL whoa who knew Kelly Osborne was a size queen…

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